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Are you finding yourself uncomfortable as the seasons shift? How is the temperature of your home? Clarks Mechanical is here to deliver top-notch air conditioning and heating solutions. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch workmanship and exceptional customer service, and you can be assured our dedicated team is prepared to deliver residential and commercial solutions that clients can trust. Our technician will look closely at your HVAC system and ensure it is running efficiently.

hvac services in avondale, CO

A Licensed and Insured HVAC Contractor

Our company has licensed and trained HVAC professionals dedicated to making your business or home comfortable and energy efficient. All our staffs are Certified Technicians who have proven their knowledge in the HVAC industry by passing certification tests. Whether you just want to do preventative maintenance or you have a problem that just needs to be solved now, we can help. Our expert technicians and friendly customer service are why many customers consider us the best heating, ventilation and AC service company in Avondale, CO.

Your Satisfaction is Always Guaranteed

At Clarks Mechanical, your satisfaction is our number one priority. When you contact us, you are assured that you will receive reliable work and excellent customer service. We offer guarantees so that you are confident and comfortable when contacting our technicians. Other than that, our technicians are experienced, skilled, and trained to exceed your needs and expectations.

At Clarks Mechanical, we understand that time is valuable, and we will arrive at your house within the time selected. We will not keep you waiting. If our technician does not arrive at your home on time, you should not pay for the service.


hvac services in avondale, CO

Heating and AC for Commercial Properties

Clarks Mechanical Company in Avondale, CO, specializes in providing AC and cutting-edge heating services to businesses of all sizes and shapes. Our services cover different maintenance and repair tasks. We train our AC and Heating professionals to install even the most technical appliance. We are also available to advise on the AC and heating design that will be most efficient and affordable for your home.

Heating & AC Repair for Your Home

Going without heat during the harsh Colorado winters can be excruciating. If your heating system has been acting up, you risk failing in the middle of winter. As a result, plan ahead of time for any heating repairs you may require to prevent being left in the cold.

Evaluating your heating system is a smart approach to finding and solving problems before they jeopardize your heater’s efficiency. We recommend making regular appointments with us throughout the year so that we may visually evaluate your heating system and identify any areas that require preventive maintenance.

We guarantee a permanent solution to the majority of AC and heating issues. Where repairs are not feasible, we recommend installing an appropriate replacement device.

Don’t Wait – Call Clarks Mechanical for Air Conditioning & Heating

If you are looking for a reliable company for HVAC installation and repairs, look no further and head over to Clarks Mechanical. We hold years of experience in air conditioner Installation and HVAC systems. Our team is well-versed in a wide array of HVAC services. For more information, please call today.

Contact Clarks Mechanical: A Trustable HVAC Contractor 


hvac services in avondale, CO


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Areas We Serve

A malfunctioning HVAC can be a headache. But nothing is more stressful than waiting for a local HVAC contractor for a long time. At Clarks Mechanical, we will respond to your concerns immediately to bring back your home comfort and get the installation, tune-up, or repair project done right the first time. 

The following are some of the areas we serve:

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