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Industry-Certified Heating Maintenance in Pueblo, CO and Surrounding Areas

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The winter weather in Pueblo area may not be the toughest in the country, but it is super uncomfortable on most winter mornings and nights. In 2019, we saw temperatures dip to -6°F breaking a century-old record. Winter temperatures hovering around 8-12°F are fairly common.

In such conditions, old heating systems or those without maintenance for a long time are at risk of breakdowns. Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep your heating system running effectively and efficiently, regardless of outside weather conditions.

With professional heating maintenance, you can ensure your home is ready for the winter weather. 

Clarks Mechanical is one of the leading names for heating maintenance in Pueblo, CO. With our professional heating maintenance service, we’ll give you a highly efficient heating system you can rely on during the frigid winter months.



Industry-Certified Heating Maintenance Services

If your heating system develops problems during the winter months, your heating bills could increase significantly.

You may also experience multiple days of sudden system breakdowns that could leave your family stuck without heat at the worst possible times.

You can count on us for industry-certified heating maintenance in Pueblo, CO, and the surrounding areas. Our heating technicians are highly trained professionals with years of experience helping homeowners (and businesses) prepare for the winter. Book an appointment to take advantage of our holistic tune-up services.


Perfect Evaluation of Your Heating System by Professional Pueblo Experts

At Clarks Mechanical, we always take a thorough approach to maintaining heating in Pueblo, CO.

Some of our maintenance services include:

  • Gas leak testing
  • Thermostat checks
  • Ductwork sealing and cleaning
  • Air filter checks and replacements

Our technicians can handle maintenance for a wide range of heater brands. We’ll make a detailed list of any issues during the maintenance process and recommend the best line of action. As an honest heating contractor in Pueblo, CO, we don’t recommend replacements or the purchase of new parts unless necessary.


Scheduled Regular Maintenance Throughout the Year

From furnaces to radiant heating systems, all modern heating systems are highly dependable. However, as with most mechanical appliances, you need to maintain them frequently to keep them in excellent shape. Neglecting ordinary wear and tear is one of the leading causes of broader system failures.

Without regular maintenance, the components in your heating system will start to rust or stick, and screws may also begin to come loose. When ignored long enough, these problems can lead to costly damage.

At Clarks Mechanical, we have a scheduled maintenance plan for our customers to nip problems in the bud. We’ll recommend the right schedule for you based on your type of HVAC system.

The goal is to keep your unit in excellent shape and ensure emerging problems don’t become full-blown emergencies.

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Efficient Heating Maintenance Services Throughout the Winter Months

Our HVAC technicians at Clarks Mechanical work extended hours to provide speedy resolutions to all heating problems during the winter months. We understand that breakdowns during the cold months are emergencies. Our heating services in Pueblo, CO, acknowledge the severity of these situations.

Staying without heating for prolonged periods when the weather has dropped to freezing or subfreezing temperatures can lead to hypothermia. Senior citizens, people with diabetes, and people taking antipsychotics or antidepressants are most at risk of experiencing hypothermia. Keeping your home’s heating system in excellent shape throughout the winter months is the best way to avoid issues.

With our combination of regular maintenance throughout the year and speedy services during the winter months, your family will never have to stay too long in the cold.

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Clarks Mechanical is now one of the top-rated names for heating maintenance in Pueblo, CO. . We are a fully insured company with certified HVAC experts.

To schedule regular heating maintenance or request an emergency maintenance session don’t hesitate to contact us!

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