The Impact of Dirty Ductwork on Your AC System

The Impact of Dirty Ductwork on Your AC System - Woman blowing her nose.

When your AC has dirty ductwork, it can greatly impact your AC and personal health. The collection of particulates that can be circulated throughout your home. When the particulates spread around, the air and the health of family members are at risk. Besides this example, there are other ways you could experience the impact of dirty ductwork on your AC system

Poor Air Quality

When the air conditioner’s ductwork is dirty, many health issues can occur because of the poor air quality. A common problem that can take place due to poor air quality may include sinus congestion.

When the ductwork is cleaned regularly, it will eliminate the accumulation of pollutants so that health issues are eliminated. When you notice your home’s AC not performing as efficiently as possible, it may be time to contact a professional who can educate you on the impact of dirty ductwork on your AC system and take care of the issue.

According to research, patients who had issues with their pulmonary found relief from ductwork cleaning. Because of this, cleaning the air duct regularly will increase the comfort of the home and the overall health of individuals.

However, if you decide to clean your ductwork yourself, it may not lead to the adequate efficiency you are hoping for due to the specific tools needed to clean the ductwork thoroughly.

Allergens get Circulated

Failing to clean the ductwork can result in dust, pollen, and dander circulating throughout the system and home. When family members with allergies and allergens are present, their symptoms will worsen, and their reactions will be more frequent.

The ductwork will normally be the place where the allergens and other particles will collect. Because of this, regular ductwork cleaning needs to be completed so that the circulating air remains clean. Plus, the cleaning will also ensure no recirculation of the allergens.

Bad Smells Could Arise

If your AC has dirty ductwork, it can quickly cause mold growth and other biological things that could cause bad smells to develop. These bad smells could then spread throughout the home via ductwork. Having the ductwork cleaned by a professional from Clarks Mechanical will be able to remove the cause for the smell so that the air returns to its original freshness.

The impact of dirty ductwork on your AC system can also cause you to age faster. So when you feel tired more often, it may be due to the air quality from your dirty ductwork.

With many environmental impacts associated with an AC, your longevity could also be affected, and any free radicals present within dirty ductwork could cause you to age faster.

The Grills are Dusty

A grill is part of the AC unit within an HVAC system where the air exits the ductwork into a space. This is also the place where a lot of dust collects. If a lot of dust is allowed to collect, it will be shot out as soon as the AC is turned on

Before turning your AC on, check the grill for dust collection; if there is any, it needs to be cleaned. Although there is not much to worry about if it is just a little dust, you should still give it a clean wiping occasionally.

Dirty Ductwork Attracts Critters

The impact of dirty ductwork on your AC system can also lead to attraction of critters, which can make their way into your home. Some critters, like rodents, insects, or even certain types of birds, have a keen sense of smell and may be drawn to these odors in search of food or shelter. These critters can be annoying, but it is a sign that your AC ducting needs a good cleaning.

If the ducts are not cleaned, and the critters get in, you and your family’s health could be at risk, and your pantry could become a food goldmine.

AC Efficiency Decreases

As an accumulation of dirt and grim sets in the ductwork, your air conditioner’s efficiency can decrease. The air conditioner will be less efficient because of the need to work harder to push air through the dirty filters. This will cause you to have both dirty ductwork and dirty air filters. To prevent your filters from being replaced, you should have your ductwork cleaned regularly so your AC continues operating efficiently.

Let Clarks Mechanical Give Your Ductwork A Good Cleaning

The impact of dirty ductwork on your AC system can be a nightmare. However, when you know how it can be impacted, you can rectify the problem by conducting a thorough cleaning. This is where Clarks Mechanical comes in. We’ll come out, look at your trouble spots and devise a plan to have your ductwork cleaned and maintained. So get in touch today to get started.



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